IPTV Multicast des3526

config traffic control 1-3 broadcast enable multicast disable unicast disable action drop threshold 128

config cpu_filter l3_control_pkt 1-24 rip ospf vrrp pim dvmrp igmp_query state enable

config cpu_filter l3_control_pkt 25-26 igmp_query state disable

config multicast port_filtering_mode 1-24 filter_unregistered_groups
config multicast port_filtering_mode 25-26 forward_all_groups

config stp ports 1-24 state disable fbpdu disable

config stp ports 25-26 state disable

config loopdetect ports 1-24 state enable

enable loopdetect

disable dns_resolver

config safeguard_engine state enable cpu_utilization rising_threshold 80 falling_threshold 20 trap_log enable

create igmp_snooping multicast_vlan iptvportal 912 remap_priority 5

config igmp_snooping multicast_vlan iptvportal state enable replace_source_ip member_port 1-24 source_port 25-26

config igmp_snooping querier all state disable

config router_ports iptvportal add 25-26

enable igmp_snooping

create multicast_range 1 from to
create multicast_range 2 from to
config limited_multicast_addr ports 1-24 add multicast_range 1
config limited_multicast_addr ports 1-24 add multicast_range 2
config limited_multicast_addr ports 1-24 access permit state enable

create access_profile ip destination_ip_mask profile_id 5
config access_profile profile_id 5 add access_id 1 ip destination_ip port 1-24 permit priority 5 replace_dscp_with 48

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